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About Dev-Editor


Dev-Editor is a simple web based file manager written in Perl and licensed under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0, allowing you to access a file system on a server using a web browser. That's useful if you aren't able to access the files directly or using FTP or SSH.

Dev-Editor currently supports the following features:

Dev-Editor allows just to work in a specified directory tree. Nobody is allowed to access the files and directories above the virtual root directory.

System requirements

Dev-Editor is designed to run on Windows and Unix systems and uses only 130 KB disk space. It needs write access to the specified working directory tree - this is no problem if suEXEC (or something like that) is installed on your web server.
The script was developed under Perl 5.10 (but I think it will work under Perl 5.8 and 5.6 too). It uses no CPAN modules (Dev-Editor prior to version 3.0 made use of HTML::Entities which is part of HTML::Parser). Dev-Editor uses Archive::Extract to unpack some types of archive files. If this module is not available, unpacking of archives is automatically disabled.

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