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Date: 2003-11-15

Dev-Editor 1.1 is available!
The new version has some improvements like converting line separators when saving a text file and some simple checks on the file permissions. For a complete list of changes, please look at the Change Log. You can also look at the log messages in the CVS repository.
The source code is still very dirty. I will clean it up in the future.

Date: 2003-10-25

It seems that the CVS web interface is now working properly.
Sorry for all those typos in the CVS logs...

Date: 2003-10-12

There are currently some problems with the web interface of the CVS repository. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't work. And when it works, the information are obsolete. I hope that SourceForge will fix these problems as soon as possible.

Date: 2003-10-08

After three years of inactivity, Dev-Editor is back! It has been completly rewritten from the existing code and is now maintained by Patrick Canterino.
The current version number of Dev-Editor is 1.0. This version supports all the features of version 1.01 created by Roland Blüthgen. But there are also some improvements, like binary file detection and the usage of the CGI module.

Note: I'm now using the news system provided by SourceForge. The latest news are available on the info page.

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